Top 10 Mistakes When Buying Custom Face Masks for Your Organization

So you have decided to purchase a custom branded face mask for your organization and are now deciding where to start. Congratulations! Here at Canadian Face Masks, we thank for your commitment to creating a safe workplace and community for all.

Mandatory mask laws are spreading in Canada and having branded re-usable face masks can help separate your company from the crowd, while showing that you care about your employee’s wellbeing. Custom face masks are an awesome way to both have your employees representing your brand and keeping them identifiable, especially in a retail environment. Our custom masks are an affordable merchandising solution, while ensuring that we are all playing our part in helping slow the spread of COVID-19.

When ordering custom-made clothing and accessories, it is important to remember the W 5s.

  1. Who is the custom mask targeted/made for,
  2. What is the purpose of your branded face masks (i.e. promotion, safe work environment, etc…)
  3. Where do you intend to purchase them from (made in Canada or overseas)
  4. When do you plan to have them made by/what might your production and distribution timeline look like
  5. Why have you decided on a particular design (practicality, functionality, etc…)

Once you have addressed these questions, it is time to choose a design. This brings us to our next challenge – which manufacturing process is best to accommodate your chosen design.

In terms of manufacturing processes for reusable cloth face masks, there are two principal methods that our production and design teams, here at Canadian Face Masks recommend: step-and-repeat sublimation and positional sublimation.

Step and Repeat Sublimated Face Masks

With step-and-repeat sublimation, you have two primary advantages: no limit in terms of colour selection and affordability. Step-and-repeat is our most affordable means of mask customization, entailing a repeated pattern printed overtop a piece of fabric, which is then bonded on top of our masks to form the outer layer.

Positional Sublimated Face Masks

Positional sublimation is a method of printing, similar to step-and-repeat that allows for greater flexibility in terms of design, with no repeated pattern restriction. It allows for great colour accuracy and placement of designs anywhere on a mask, be it a single location or scattered.

When it comes time to ordering your custom face masks, you have the choice between supporting a local company or buying from overseas manufacturing. Generally overseas manufacturing is cheaper, however that is normally due to compromises in worker safety and compensation. At Canadian Face Masks, all of our reusable cloth face masks are manufactured right here in Toronto, in unionized factories. We strive to ensure that our consumers are well educated throughout the entire buying process, which allows for them to understand exactly how their end product will turn out. We strive to maintain strong relationships between us and the customer, while providing frequent updates on your order status. As far as made in Canada products go, our custom cloth face masks are among the most price competitive in the market. Our masks are made from the softest cotton and polyester fabrics.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at If you are ready to place an order, visit our bulk order page and fill out our form. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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