About Us

Canadian Face Masks was founded in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic with a mission to make quality cloth face masks more affordable to all. We are a group of university students who have teamed up to provide high quality and affordable face masks to the population. We hope our company can make a positive difference during these unprecedented times through helping to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Our masks are Canadian made and come from one of Toronto's top apparel producers. They have been a manufacturer for the apparel industry for over 40 years! The company refuses to produce anything short of a quality product. In their words, "With all the increased demand in masks, many ask to minimize their costs by sacrificing on quality. That is something we simply will not entertain!"

We are also providing opportunities for university students who have lost their summer jobs due to COVID-19. If you are interested in working for us, please visit our careers page here. As our company grows, more job opportunities for students will be created. We will also be donating one in every ten of our organic face masks sold to non-profit organizations helping the community.

Many wonder how we are able to price our high quality masks so competitively. By selling directly to the consumer, we are able to save on all of the costs that many apparel companies pay. This allows us to price fairly, for exceptional quality. Our relationship with our manufacturer has allowed for everything from the sewing of the masks to the shipping of the product, to all be done locally in Canada. We also offer special prices for requested bulk orders. While many scrutinize us for keeping our prices so low, our top priority is keeping our customer safe. We look forward to serving you today!

- The Canadian Face Masks Team